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Buy, trade and stake crypto, make instant fiat deposits and monitor your investments in real time.

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Low fees and thin spreads

As a Kvarn customer, you benefit from constantly low trading fees and transparent fee structure.

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over EUR 100 000 in the previous 180 days.

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EUR 10 001-100 000 in the previous 90 days.

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EUR 0-10 000 in the previous 90 days.


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I chose Kvarn because I like their range of crypto assets, low trading costs, and their good and transparent service to investors. Regular meetings with my wealth manager and discussions about the market situation help me assess the status of my investments and make active changes to my portfolio.

I give Kvarn X a rating of 10/10! I invest in crypto assets because I see potential in the crypto sector and therefore opportunities to increase the returns of my investment portfolio.

Male 21 years old, professional athlete

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