• Minimum fee 1 €
  • Account fees 0 €
  • Crypto custody fees 0 €
  • Fiat deposits and
    withdrawals 0 €
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Kvarn X FEES

Low fees and thin spreads

As a Kvarn customer, you benefit from constantly low trading fees and transparent fee structure.

Level 1

Trading fee

Trading volume
over EUR 100 000 in the previous 180 days.

Level 2

Trading fee

Trading volume
EUR 10 001-100 000 in the previous 90 days.

Level 3

Trading fee

Trading volume
EUR 0-10 000 in the previous 90 days.

Trading volumes include executed orders. Any campaign orders placed without a trading fee are not included in the total trading volume. For the transfer of crypto assets outside the service, we charge a blockchain-specific transfer fee, which is determined by the market situation at the time of transfer.

Important information on risks and returns

The Kvarn X service (“ the Service”) is a crypto brokerage and custody service provided by Kvarn Capital Oy (the “Company”). The Company is a registered virtual currency service provider (VASP) and e-money institution (EMI) within the meaning of the Act and is supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA). All statements made in connection with the marketing of the Service are only forecasts and estimates of future developments and should not be construed as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell any investment, nor is it to be interpreted as a recommendation to undertake any other investment activity. The Service does not constitute investment advice in any respect and no communication from the Company should be construed as investment advice. The information contained in the marketing of the Service is based on sources considered to be reliable, but is not guaranteed to be accurate or complete.

Any opinions or estimates expressed in connection with the marketing of the Service reflect a judgment made as of the date of publication and are subject to change without notice. Investing in crypto assets always involves significant risks and it is possible that the value of your investment may decrease, that you may receive a lower return than you expected or that you may lose your capital altogether. The Company shall not be liable for any financial or other losses or damages that may result from the use or marketing of the Service. Also remember that investing in crypto assets may only be suitable for certain people, so ensure that you understand the risks involved and that it is suitable for you and your financial objectives before making any financial transactions/investments.