What is staking?

Staking is an essential feature of proof of stake (PoS) protocols to validate new data blocks in a blockchain. Staking generates rewards by allowing participants to lock up their crypto holdings in a network’s staking mechanism, which helps secure the network and validate transactions. It's a sustainable way to earn passive income while supporting the growth and decentralization of the blockchain ecosystem.

Energy efficient and scalable
Consenus mechanisms and rewards
Risks to be considered
staking provided by kvarn x

Put your crypto to work - easy, simple and secure

Kvarn X provides a convenient access to staking. Our interface is intuitive and easy to use, making staking accessible to everyone, from beginners to experienced investors.

Get staking assets

  • Buy assets or fund your Kvarn X account with the assets that are eligible for staking on Kvarn X staking service (see below).

Select an asset
to stake

  • Select the asset(s) you want to lock in for staking from the available assets in your Kvarn X account.

Earn rewards

  • Stake your selected asset in a single tap. When you stake with Kvarn X, you will earn rewards once a week from your staked assets.
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Assets available for staking on Kvarn X

Check here the available assets for staking on Kvarn X. We will extend staking to other PoS (Proof of Stake) tokens such as ADA, NEAR and SOL in the near future.


est. reward rate* (APY)

Reward frequency

redemption date**

1st Tuesday of the month
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*The reward rates are indicative and based on the estimated protocol rates, excluding fees charged by Kvarn.
Please note: the actual reward rate may differ and Kvarn does not guarantee any rewards.

** The redemption takes palace on the first Tuesday of each month.

Kvarn charges a comission of 30% from the staking rewards in accordance with the Staking Terms including all third party fees.

Staking made easy

Stake with confidence on Kvarn X

Staking can be complicated because it typically takes place on a decentralized platform, and requires technical skills to manage your crypto wallet, validate blocks, and claim rewards. Kvarn X Staking simplifies the process for you and allows customers to generate staking rewards from a decentralized system on a secure and regulated platform. Staking with Kvarn X is easy and reliable.

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staking made secure

The safe and regulatory compliant way to generate yield from your digital assets

We provide enterprise-grade security and compliant access to the yield generating crypto investments. Kvarn X Staking is supported by Northstake A/S, a regulated and audited staking technology partner.  Northstake is a registered virtual asset service provider (VASP), supervised by the Danish FSA.

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Start staking today and earn rewards

Staking on Kvarn X is fast, easy and secure. Sign up and start staking your holdings in a single tap and earn weekly rewards.

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